There is a peace at Schoenstatt that is felt by everyone who spends any time here. It is a spiritual peace that is wonderful to experience after the hurly burly of everyday life. The world has changed dramatically in the past 50 years or so and is still changing at a rapid rate. After a period of time within this atmosphere, you will feel more able to engage with the problems and challenges that are part of living in the 21st Century.

Schoenstatt offers a safe haven for rest and renewal, to rejuvenate your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing whatever your belief system. We’re here for the social, spiritual and moral upliftment of all people.
The Shrine

Some call it cute, some call it an oasis of peace, a source of strength, others ask: “Why so small?” Whatever the experience, the truth is that our little Shrine in Constantia is a replica of the original Shrine in Schoenstatt, Germany. The original foundations of the so-called Mother Shrine go back to the 1300s when the property belonged to the Augustinian community. The meaning of the word Schoenstatt means “a beautiful place”.

The Shrine in Constantia was blessed in 1960 and has become a haven for many.



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The Schoenstatt Movement

The Schoenstatt Family today is made up of more than 25 different branches and communities all over the world.


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